miska knapek
I’m your local #information_design #interaction_design #information_visualisation designer.
In both traditional and experimental ways, I try make interfaces to help us understand, navigate and learn from the world.
Enjoy your visit! { read more about me }
self organising map ( machine learning ) interface for multidimensional clustering
light-light calendar: physicalisation of a Helsinki year's sunlight (measurements)
helsinki wind physicalised: wind re-meets it's traditional interactor, wood, via digital mediation
temperature cuts
yep; more phsyical information representation : helsinki's year in temperature in physical form
spatiotemporal : longlapses : 24 hour images
viewing days : investigating photography for information representation
spatiotemporal : travel images
scanning views over long distances : catching and showing journeys
text renderings
alternate light rendering : experiments confusing representational medium and information
wave renderings
experimenting with alternate light representations : representing light with waves
line renderings
chaotic lines as alternate light rendering ( non-photorealistic rendering code plays )
code processing plays + experimentaion
various little creative coding experiments
points to places
code experimentation : playing with infinite pendulums ( click here, then click next screen and play )
my regular infovis side
my other regular infovis doings - a bit less experimental but also fun